In the last 50 years or more, the Indian Education System has evolved as a single most important tool for economic and financial liberation of our country; needless to say it has contributed immensely in our Nation Building Process. However with the changing times we need to acknowledge that the kids of tomorrow are headed for an even greater challenge and a world full of opportunities and success.

Providing a strong platform to launch our kids into this new realm of prosperity and opportunities, KiddoX is not just a destination but also a medium to provide the very best of knowledge, learning and experience necessary for our kids to become global citizens of tomorrow.


KiddoX is committed to bridge the gap in exposure and learning, which exists today between our thriving metros and greater parts of our country. This exposure is a component of information and the way our kids perceive life and its various aspects.

With world-class amenities, highly qualified and trained staff and teaching aids, which are a blend of conventional and contemporary, KiddoX brings the very best of Pre-School services to launch our Kids into a brave new world!



Team KiddoX is lead by Mr. Siraj Abbasi, an astute Business Leader with over 20 years of experience managing large organizations in FMCG, Telecommunications and Technology sectors. His vision and concern for children’s education as well as foresight into improving Pre-School segment has lead to the formation KiddoX Ventures.  Over the last few years Siraj has minutely understood the Pre-School industry and has networked with some of the leading services providers in the domain across infrastructure, training, program management and overall development possibilities for our Kids.

With a background in Outdoor Education and Leadership, Nidhi heads Academic Development at KiddoX. Previous to this, she headed Curriculum Development  and Teacher Education divisions of Educational Innovations. She brings in the experiential spin to both curriculum and teacher training. Having studied in an alternate school environment, her insight into conceptual teaching-learning is valuable. Her academic understanding and research abilities are extremely useful. Passionate about Social Science, she backs KiddoX with many years of experience in the education sector in varying capacities – teacher training, curriculum design, advocacy and documentation, writing, editing and more; among others, her stint was at Azim Premji Foundation, Bangalore added education research to her portfolio. She strives to make teaching-learning a thought-provoking, questioning and non-dogmatic experience. Besides academics, she is also a passionate driver, adventure leader and outdoor educator. 



It is a well-known fact that more than 80% of our brain development is complete before the age of 6 years. This besides being a scientific fact is also important for most parents to understand while choosing a Pre-School for our Kids. Usually Kids beginning their journey into schooling at the age of 2 Years and the Pre-School continues up till 5 years which by all means are the Early years we are talking about.

Important as it is to note, that during these years formative learning, motor skiils and cognitive skills can be developed by sequential intervention and introduction of noted, scientific tools to enable and empower the minds of our Kids.

A very common misnomer is that Pre-Schools are not really places of education but places of Play and engagement where children learn social skills and the fact that these places are only as good as each other. We at KiddoX on the other hand emphasize on the fact that what our kids really do at our centers is much more that simply social skills but they are creating a foundation of learning and exposure which is going to last them a life time.

We would love to discuss and engage more with you, please feel free to visit any of our centers for a detailed chat on processes, methods and outcome, which we have championed.



The Foundation of KiddoX is built on the fundamentals of Explain, Endure and Ensure. We wish to create a teaching mechanism, which involves not one by three ways of making concepts clear to our Kids. This way, they are able to relate and also reaffirm the concepts and fundamental clearly. Noteworthy is the fact that three methods are not regressive but reinforcing.

Introduction through Conventional Methods:

Each New Concept is first introduced to the kids using conventional tools like Books, Screens, Writing / Drawing. These concepts involve Visual, Sounds and Shape familiarity which are important for first contact and connect. We usually initiate learning using books, drawings or with the help of Mutli-media tools like TV, Tablets or Computers.

Reaffirming Through Performance:

The second level of learning happens when our trained teachers encourage and guide our kids to enact or identify these new concepts using play-cards, visual aids or even role-play. The performance methods has little initiation from the teachers but endured entirely by the kids. This way they are able to increase their reliability to new concepts like Alphabets, Numbers, Locations, Processes, Personalities and others.

Reinforce Through Experience:

As a last step the kids are exposed to these concepts as they occur in real life – TOUCH & FEEL and Personification. We adopt a variety of ways to create this experience for our kids like outdoor teaching, location visits or field trips. We also make sure that each of these special experiences are wholesome, while each of these trips have a clear objective, kids are allowed to explore and express their curiosity over just about anything and we help answer them.



Curriculum and Learning Aids

In conjunction with LearnXP™ our Curriculum and teaching aids are supportive of the three-way learning process. We also understand that formats can often become regressive and hence we try and teach kids using various tools and mediums to ensure ingenuity and surprise are also the foremost features of learning.


Unconventional Curriculum based on Semantics from India, USA and European markets are integrated to ensure quality of inputs and critical activities to shape the young minds.

Electronic / Multi-Media Aids:

Creating an Audio-Visual medley of things, we induce reliability of concepts using music, cartoons, short films and songs about the curriculum. These aids usually comprise of TV Screens, Tablets and sometime Mobile Devices for a more personalized experience. None of these aids are ever borrowed or leased, they are always owned by our centers.

Linear Mechanics & Tools:

A simple Sand Pit, a box full of wooden tools, wire frame rotating tables or marble stacks. We know all kids enjoy doing things on their own. We have therefore made sure to incorporate several such tools and elements to make learning fun and engaging. We not only portray concepts through these but also make sure we help develop focus, alertness and skill in our kids through these.