The Learning Years

We truly believe that learning has no age bar, that said we do follow the norms and forms of the education system in India and prefer that our kids start young and also give us a chance to spend more time with them to gear them up for a long and sustained educational career ahead.

Our Learning Years are defined as follows, please note the most suitable class as per the age-bracket of your kids as follows. We are open for consultation and counseling to get kids started from our beginners program, or mid-way admissions to make it convenient for you.

SEEKER: Age 1.5 years – 2.5 years (PRE-NURSEY)

Treating our new students with utmost care and concern, our focus in Seeker is to provide the very best of social suitability and training to build long term trust and a great environment for learning. Athenians are usually extremely agile and require the highest personal attention along with setting the foundation for LearnXP™ from the very first month. Don’t be surprised to see our Seekers rattle out their Alphabets and Numbers and often entertain and shock you with what their little minds can store.

EXPLORER: Age 2.5 years – 3.5 years (NURSERY)

As concepts and fundamentals get clarified, Explorers are launched in a sphere of greater learning of concepts and how life works. We feed relative concepts along with a deep understanding of key concepts to make sure that they understand their surroundings and treat it in complete harmony. The nimble feet of an Explorer are allowed relative time to study and enjoy with introduction of a regulated schedule and time bound activities, even evaluation techniques. You can expect an Explorer to be extremely expressive and eager to share his wings of wisdom every now and then.

ADVERTURER: Age 3.5 years – 4.5 years (LOWER KINDER GARTEN)

Strong in concept and implementation, Adventurers are best described as Young People. A level of maturity sets in with a deep sense of security and individualism in imbibed in them. As study modules gradually extend into learning poetry and prose, they are able to rattle and enact various forms of popular English or Colloquial phrases, stories and songs. We lay special emphasis in understanding the inherent qualities and powers of each kid and encourage them to display these qualities in a open environment to receive kudos and to inspire others.

MAVERICK: Age 4.5 years – 5.5 years (UPPER KINDER GARTEN)

The coming of age era has now begun for our KiddoX, and they display innumerable qualities, likes, dislikes and bursts of knowledge sparkles most of the time. With a good base of numbers, alphabets, concepts and where they identify most worldly and some out worldly objects, they are taught and readied for Primary Years education with subjects like Maths, Writing, Speaking and most importantly interlink these subjects to form capabilities which are a must. Our Mavericks are raring to go with zeal into formal schooling with a gleeful smile and a hint of confidence to exceed.