Our Services


As a destination for learning, we operate with focus on imparting education and early learning for our kids between 8AM to 12PM. During this time our kids engage in active learning through books, multi-media tools and other activities both indoor and outdoor. Time for formal education is critical at the beginning of the day when the mid is completely alert and is ready to accept and adopt new ideas and concepts.

During these hours we also offer children a chance to enhance their interpersonal and social skills for better adaptability and relatability to their environments both within and outside their home.

Extended Activity

All Work and No play makes Jack a dull boy, a Jill a dull girl. So we encourage format based play activities which not only help children unwind, but also reinforce several important lessons s to improve their motor skills, responses, induce a sense of competition as well as understand the merits of hard work and its rewards.
The  extended  activities  form  an  integral  part  of  our  daily  activities  with  things  like  role  play,  outdoor  exercise,  introductory  sports activities as well as little things that bring joy to the kids.

Day Care

When you know that there is lack of quality engagement that you can offer to your kids, being working parents or even noticing the kids engaging in inane activities like television watching or simply whiling time, it is worthy to consider our Day-Care services which offer a retreat for the kids to spend their day working towards building specific objects, learning a new sport, understanding science in a unique
way or simply interacting with other kids to form better social skills.
Our Day Care services are overseen with skilled staff who are both permanent and transit and offer a variety of skills to the young minds.

Mother Club

We know that you need reassurance too from time to time and also that you may have some bright ideas to share with us which will help us further improve our services and commitment to our kids. The Mother’s club is a social initiative from KiddoX to form a healthy and intelligent community of parents who enjoy parenting and who also share the resolve with us to help identify the X-Factor in our kids.